Teufelsberg an amazing place that is no longer off the radar for average folks but impressive nonetheless. In April of 2017 myself, and 4 friends paid a visit to this former NSA outpost in the western section of Berlin and then proceeded to kill nearly 4 hours exploring the grounds and every floor.

You might say, 4 hours, good grief”, but let me tell you that was being speedy about it. Aaaand, the 4 buddies I brought along are not nearly as vested or enamored by the art you can run into, nor the thrill of the explore. But, it ended up as a top three of the trip.

Things have changed over the years. In all my research leading up to our trip, it was never mentioned that there is a 5 Euro fee (I think it is now 8 at the time I write this) to enter now, nor was there mention that there are residents on the grounds. While that may deter the urbex purist, I say go with it, it will be worth your while. It starts from where you can park. You cannot park on the grounds but a lil’ further down the hill, because of this you can either snake your way along the paved road or use the fire trails and mountain bike trails through the woods and breath the fresh air. We opted for the fire trails. Once there the you pay your 5 euros and one of the coolest museums is yours for however long you want. 3 buildings, 4 stories, endless amounts of some of the finest graffiti art you can see, and the views from the roof. Top Notch all around. The artists that covers the walls spans continents. You have Mr. Never Satisfied (@dis_satisfied) from the US to @ken_plotbot and @james_bullough from Germany and everything in between.

The art and the views are the only draws to this place. Teufelsberg, also know as “devil’s Mountain” sits on the second largest hill in Berlin was man made from the ruble and debris from World War II. In the late 1950’s early 60’s the NSA later build the structure that stands now as a listening station during the cold war, and promptly bounced in the early 90’s with all the equipment. Leaving the structure to nature and curious souls. In the gaps between it has been a film set, location of novels, and ski jumping.

This was a long-winded explanation of why if you are in the area you should go and brace yourself for the awesomeness.

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