The flooding occurred after a faucet was left on in a janitor’s closet on the fourth floor, causing damage to all four floors of the building, including the basement. Roughly 1,440 gallons of water was released into the building overnight, which is about 3 gallons of water per minute flowing for about eight hours.

Above is what occurred in 2013 which caused the building to be empty and abandoned, thus leading me to go and explore it interior. And what a great explore it was.

I want to state that it’s a tragedy that such a historic building had to go out the way that it did and that to this point the talk is to demolish it rather than fix it up to its past glory.

Should you have had the chance to explore this building you know that it is like a time portal. The 5+ hours that I spent exploring the five floors only seemed to take 45 minutes. The only thing that told me I was in there that long was the no breakfast or lunch belly grumbling at me. OUSD is a 4 floor museum with a creepy basement just to change up the scene. Inside, at one point (I explored in 2015) you could find the works of, Irot, Gyer, Enero, Bear, Ryno, Roar, Twigs, and many many more.

Here is some of the paint and other things of interest you may run into, enjoy.

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