I can’t really indulge into the history of this location a great deal, not that I don’t want to, but because I just don’t know. The mailbox was gone, there was no signage and there were no numbers left on the structures. The buildings that remained on the property were a small red barn, a large chicken coup, two mobile homes, a traditional home, and a low roofed hanger. My guess is that this was a farm at some point and the mobile homes were for the seasonal workers.

This was a 100% impromptu, no idea it existed, stopped in my tracks explore. Due to a google map re-route, while I was headed to Big Sur for a camping trip. Needless to say I arrived late to the campsite. Oh well, what can you do?

I only got to explore for maybe an hour at most before some cracked out looking dude popped out of a rape van and started striding with god-knows-what intentions. So, at that point I took to the quick steps and boogied on.

Be easy and enjoy the flicks.

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