This one time I read an article about this building that offered a lot of back-story, but that one time was 5-6 years ago and I can’t find it to save my soul now. For most of you, you know, for those who do not this is the church of GATS.

Like most, once I saw a picture of this location I was taken by it and had to go have a looksi. Took a while to find it but when I did I lived up to the expectations. Over the course of the next year I went three times, as every time something came up that made me have hightail it. If the articles I read come to fruition this place will soon be demolished, if its not already. Which is a shame, but the building has been wrecked by neglect and vandalism other than paint, and nothing remains the same.

These are some of my first low light photos and I’m pretty sure back then I did not have a tripod. I say this to bear with the photos as they may be meh. But it’s nice to see the large pieces minus a lot of the clutter and side busts.

Enjoy all.

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