Endless Canvas well after the fact. This was from January 2015

Fink Ink was the name of the business that houses these fine walls, and where the live event took place back in 2012. It is a sprawling 36,000 square feet of walls. And it was put to great use.

The ink company moved into this building sometime between 1900-1903, which had been a part of the Raymond Tannery. Throughout time ownership changed hands many times but there was always ink being produced until at least 1999. Fast-forward……

After sitting vacant for over a decade someone on the board of directors at the Oakland Museum of California Art, also was part of the new ownership group. Fast-Forward…..

Permission granted, sanctioned painting proceeded. I won’t say how I gained entrance, but I did, and due to certain circumstances I was only able to look at the art for a limited amount of time. But as you can see the time spent was quality time.

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