The misses and myself were recently in Massachusetts to photograph Pow!Wow! Worcester and had the chance to drive into Boston once the festival wrapped up. It just happened to rain that day, after most of the week was in the high 90’s, but that did not damper the mood at all.

There were a couple food places that were on the hit list going in, but beyond that there was nothing planned, if anything loose ideas. The food joints were off the hook, Lan had touted them as the business and they came through, Fresh Catch and Flour Bakery were bomb diggity. We also made a stop at the oldest tavern/pub/bar in Boston that Paul Revere used to talk shop and throw back pints. But the cherry on top was the tour of Fenway Park.

It was a day off for the Sox so we got to run through the full tour. Its amazing just how small the park is but the spirit is strong. Because it was not a game day we got to take a little longer walking around, got to see the press box, and a lot of little extras. I still would like to see a ball game there but I was able to appreciate the park without all the chaos that comes with a game day, and was able to take some photos that would have been impossible with all of the madness.

With that here are some photos from that day (which I think are all of Fenway lol).

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