Eeesh. These photos are at least 4-5 years old…crazy how time just keeps going.

I used to work in the area where these photos were taken, and the unfortunate thing is that for years I had no idea just how close I was to awesome paint on the walls. The job was remote, so one day rather than get lunch on lunch, I went for a drive around the neighborhood in a direction not normally traversed.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted it. A splash of color that should not have been three. Because my employer did not believe in adult length lunches (30 min), I had to plan for a weekend trip. No issue here, so very worth it as you can see from the photos.

I have not gone back to this spot since the time these photos were taken and I would be curious to what is now on the walls. Me thinks sooner than later I’ll be circling back because I am running out of places to lurk.

Enjoy all

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