This was one of the last explores that my Cooper S got to be a part of before an exhaust valve detonated, but she got me out of a bind before she died. It was at this location that I had parked in the back section of a building, tucked around a corner, while I did the circle around the building. At 7 something in the morning as I am going back to my car to grab all my equipment security rolls up. *sigh*

Dude was real chill, asked what I was doing said that I was scoping the place out looking for unique angles as a backdrop for my car. He said that was cool but I would have to do it street side for various reasons (queue Peanuts Parents voices). I drove my car to a different set of buildings, parked on the street, took my gear, and entered a different building.

This was a wing it type of trip not expecting much, as it had been 3 years since I had been last. No matter what one finds explore usually ends up being gratifying experience, and gives you one good image. This building did not deviate from that.

The icing on the cake was when I left the building from the other end I was face to face with a brewery! Dope. I saw that it opened at noon, I looked at my phone, 11:58….winning. Had some afternoon suds after a good explore looking out at the skyline. Perfect Sunday morning.

Here are a few of the picture. Be easy.

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