This was the first time I had ever been to a country for less than a day but long enough to go see some of the City/country for a good 15-16 hours.

This was in April 2016 for my Bachelor party. Iceland was not planned, the destination was Germany, but by stopping over in Iceland we saved $350 bucks or so for the plane ticket. I though it was worth it, and it was beyond getting sick and having to use newspaper to sleep on the concrete floor in the airport.

There was five of us total and our luggage which we could easily store at the airport, because of that we rented two cars. Hurray for countries that have the steering wheel on the same side as the US. Once we loaded all the bags into the cars we were off to explore the little section we could that time afforded us.

Like the foreigners we were we went to the natural hot springs. I will recommend doing this one time if the opportunity presents itself, especially when its colder than a witches’ tittie outside. Spring time my ass it was cold as tits when we went but, once you get in that water, ooowee, money. It was also here that experienced just how damn expensive Iceland is. We thought it was because it was a resort type place. Nope. You have to pony up for everything; even a coffee from a gas station was like 5 bucks. Oi.

From the hot springs we hit up a few culturally significant spots…aka trip advisor shit lol. And then just walked around in downtown Reykjavik, found some food that didn’t put us in the poorhouse, and tried to catch the northern lights. There were there but it was wicked overcast so that treat will have to come at a later date.

Ran into a local boy slap from NiteOwl and caught a D-Face while out there. Overall it was a coo 22 hours spent.

Enjoy the photos all.

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