POW!WOW! San Jose’s dust has yet to completely settle as I write this, but most of it has.


It seemed to go by much faster the second go-around and not really sure why. One would think it would be the opposite because, you know what to expect (to an extent) so there is nothing new under the sun. You knew the exertion that would be placed on your body, the mental exhaustion…….and yet, it zoomed.


It was a treat to see familiar faces and old friends/new friends alike to catch up on how things have been, exchange some stories, and have a few beers. As it has been at all the POW!WOW!’s, the wife and I got to cultivate and grow our community of friends and are really really beginning to see just how much it really is about community. This years PWSJ has been especially special because we were able to show a few non-friends what it was a bout. The work, the fun, the why we do it.


The artists, the volunteers, the directors, the helpers, the sponsors, it is amazing to see all the moving pieces that goes into putting on an event like this and more amazing all the hands working together to make it happen.


The artwork created was top notch. The OG’s killed it, par the course. But it was dope to see our local artists shine out. A number of them never having painted on a wall let alone a mural in public. And they kicked-ass and took names.


If any of those involved read this hi-5 and hugs to ya’

For those coming to take a look at the pictures because I sure as hell know it is not for the writing, I hope you enjoy.


And I hope you all go look for them around our awesome city of San Jose.

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