Imma just say it right now that POW! WOW!’s are the shit. Always.

I say this because if you read any of my past write-ups on POW! WOW!’s they will all say it was amazing, spectacular, awesome, rad….you get the picture. And Long Beach 2019 was no different.

The misses and I got to hangout with our friends from across the globe, some that we had not seen in over a year. What made this one extra special was that we got to show some of our outta state friends what the PCH was all about, give them a taste of that In-and-Out, and cap it off on the last night with a California sunset.

It is tough when its all said and done and everyone has to go their separate ways it like summer camp coming to end. You just don’t want it to end. Everyone there is there to have a good time but its the exchange of ideas, learning about others, and being pushed to be better. To be immersed in it is the only way. I find that this easier for me to do the immersion when the festival is not in San Jose. I think its because I still go to work while it is in San Jose and everyday regular life can pop up and throw the concentration off.

As always the art was incredible. And as always I got introduced to more artists that I would have otherwise not caught onto. Some highlights of the trip were some off the record stories shared by a few of the artists of their youth, Balloonski and Spenser bombing the streets, Cara causing a fender bender, and having good conversation with Crash and his daughter.

I would have more final photos but because of the amount of PTO or lack there of, I couldn’t stay the needed extra days. But the misses got those. Annywho…

Enjoy the photos all.

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