Advanced Micro Devices.
My father worked for this company in the late 80’s up until the bust of the 2000, now whether or not he worked at this building in any capacity I don’t know. Nor does he remember if he did. Lol

Anywho, during a rare lurk session on Instagram discover I noticed a photo of an abandoned spot that had a AMD banner in it, and needless to say my internet was perked. I discovered that the individual who took the photo resides in the Bay Area. The following day I went to the only AMD building I knew that was in the area hoping that it would be the building in question. And sure as shit it was.

The chance of getting a building as such in the south bay is almost unheard of so the second day after locating the building I made sure that I got in. When I did I was a little bummed I was late to the party by about 4-5 months as a fair amount or art that was sprayed on the removable cubicle walls had either been hauled off by other explorers or it was buried in the pile of rubble that was being built up.

Either way its crazy that company would jet from a building that was as new as it was and that whoever purchased the property or owned the lease decided to scrape it to the foundation. But hey was does a cents man know about billion dollar decisions.

Enjoy the flicks all.


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