In October 2019 I had the pleasure of getting to know and hang out with Andrés Petreselli, aka Cobre, during San Jose’s Pow! Wow! festivities.
Besides being one of the best in the photo realism game, little did I know that he was a machine. (you can find him on Instagram @cobreart )

A day after Pow! Wow! (for those who are unaware this is a week long mural festival) wrapped he was off to San Francisco to begin working on another large project. He invited me to come and document the process but because of the week prior work was not going to give me the flexibility required. However, I was able to get up there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to catch the last bit of work and the final photos.

When this first went up it was lightning rod for nay-sayers and the like and it could very well still be, but the message is legit and the execution is top-shelf.

Enjoy the photos.



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