In doing some clean up of a number of my hard drives I came across this set of photos taken in July of 2015 of the glorious glory hole of California.

This was a planned trip for sure as my buddy and I had to invest in an inflatable raft/boat to get to the entrance. After piling into the boat and then getting all the camera gear and paint we had to leave some things on the shore. We decided to leave the raft pump, extra clothes, some paint, and a few other smaller items that I now forget. Unfortunately from where our destination was there was no way to see the belongings we left and upon our return someone had pinched them. Ass holes.

Even though our our stuff got nicked it was a great trip. Its not often that you get to look out onto peaceful water, paint, do a little light weight hiking all with the chance that the spillway could be opened and a tens of thousands of gallons of water could be descending upon you.

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