Disclaimer on this one. These photos and edits are from my beginning days…be nice. Lol.

As above makes mention these photos came from a version of myself very much still wet behind the ears. I had been using my camera for no more than 8 months and had begun following the street art scene for no more than 6 months. Im sure I missed many amazing works and even more smaller ones but it is what it is right. Also I was freezing my ass off on this particular trip as it was in the low 40’s and this California kid is not wired to handle hours of that temperature, hahaha.

No matter it was an amazing time walking around. At this point the only artists I had heard of by this time that had paint on the walls was Atoms, GATS, and Atomik. Atom because he had come out of the Bay Area, Atomik because prior to traveling to NYC I cam across his stuff in Oakland, and GATS was in the process of getting up with frequency in Oakland as well. After this trip it put me on to Nycho, Joe Iurato, Chase McClain and more.

Other than my eyeballs going crazy because of the amount of awesome the only other thing I remember from this trip is that it was so fuckin cold that I didn’t even bother to stop off at any of the breweries that I passed which is an oddity to be sure.

I hope you enjoy the bit of recent art history on the ever changing canvas of bricks.


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