My name is Ian, and I am the chap behind the lens.

In a very round-about way, I fell into photography or photography found me. Either way, I’m glad it happened, because I have been able to meet many people, make numerous friends, and travel the globe.

I have had the pleasure of shooting many of the acclaimed POW! WOW! mural festivals including Hawaii 2018-2020, Worcester 2018-2020, San Jose 2017-2020, Guam 2019 and Long Beach 2019, along with a number of one-off projects. Beyond the sites linked, you can also find my work on blogs like Montana Cans, Muddy Colors, and Empire 7 Studios. There are also a number of publications you can find my work in including Content Magazine, Off Track Planet, and Paragon-Books (pictured below).

Prior to shooting festivals, I was regularly trying to find seldom traversed areas wherever it was. I dunno, there is something about the thrill of the explore, the unknown, the forgotten memories, hidden artwork, and overlooked. That is what it’s about.

Regardless the artists give it all without the guarantee it will be there tomorrow. And that is what I try to preserve. The final wall, the work put into the wall and the feel-good of the process.

Ian Lundie from Ill Flicks

Past Clients